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5-Tire Pressure Equalizer System with Chucks Made by Innovative Products of America

Inflate, Deflate and Equalize up to Five Tires at Once

The 5-Tire Pressure Equalizer System provides a turnkey solution to ensure repeatable and consistent tire inflation for all fleet vehicles. It is specifically designed for the fastest fill times, improving fuel mileage, spotting mismatched duals, as well as reducing tread wear, blowouts and tire decapitation.

  • Increase fuel mileage
  • Decrease tire wear
  • Improve technician confidence
  • Provide consistent readings

  • Faster inflation time
  • Maintain initial settings

  • Read individual tire pressures
  • Easily identify problem tires


  • Five Color-Coded Air Hoses, Hose Hangers and Holster
  • Two Panel-Mounted, High-Flow Regulators
  • Two Panel Mounted, High-Accuracy Air Gauges
  • Five Lock-On, Flow-Thru Air Chucks (#9060M5)

    Adjustable Cart:
    Powder-Coated Steel Hoses: 3/8" ID Pneumatic (Grey, Blue, Yellow, Red 8'; Black 20')
    Tires: 10"

    Pneumatic Includes:

  • Five Color-Coded Air Hoses, Hose Hangers and Holster
  • Two Panel-Mounted Regulators, High-Flow Regulators
  • Two Panel-Mounted, High-Accuracy Air Gauges

    American Made in USA!
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