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Large Checkerboard with Checkers Set - Made in America!

This 19 3/4 inch Basic Checkerboard is crafted from 1/2 inch thick high quality birch plywood and measures 19 3/4 inch square. Playing square measure 2 1/4 inch on each side. Printed playing area is sealed with clear non-toxic finish.

Pieces measure 2 inches in diameter. Half are solid maple and half are solid cherry; all are finished with teak oil.

(Looking for a smaller set? Check out our basic set, 14 3/4 inch board.)

  • Ages: 8 years and up.
  • Weight 3.25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19.8 inches x 19.8 inches x 1/2 inches Thick.
  • Finish: Ink Teak Oil Whey (Whey is used on wooden salad bowls approved fir food contact. Oils are quick drying and will not spot things it contacts.)
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