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Dear Friend, You’re probably wondering about Breathslim®, curious about how it was developed. In the early 90’s, a group of international scientists and enthusiasts decided to turn their research to an ancient healing art that has been practiced for tens of thousands of years. For 20 years, these dedicated scientists studied virtually every method of breathing exercise from the ancient Oriental systems to such modern spin-offs as Buteyko and Holotropic breathing. Their research proved that while different breathing methods produce different results, all of them had a therapeutic effect. They concluded that practicing any breathing technique is better than practicing none at all. Hippocrates, the father of the modern medicine, believed that “air is a pasture of life and a greatest ruler of all”. Early Oriental teachers called air “an ocean of energy” and advised everyone to use breathing exercises to increase their bodies’ vital power.

What these scientists discovered was that calmer and slower breathing allows the body to retain more of its vital resources. The average person takes 17 breaths per minute. By adapting your body to take no more than 10 breaths per minute, you get a 40% increase in your vital energy, even increasing your lifespan.

From the beginning, the focus of their research was to find out which breathing technique would best lead an untrained person to success. They wanted to know the best way to teach people to improve their breathing and optimize their breathing cycles.

In 1996, their research led to the development of the world’s first respiratory training device (FTRD). The FRTD, a state-of-the-art breathing device that remedies diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, is patented and registered in many countries including the United States. The Food and Drug Administration of U. S. (FDA) approved it in 1998. More than 3 million FRTD devices have been sold all over the world.

At the same time the FRTD was developed, an international association of scientists, doctors and other breathing enthusiasts was created. From the start, IntellectBreathing, had the mission of helping people overcome problems like bronchial asthma, shortness of breath, hypertension, smoking, insomnia, and diseases associated with cardiac activity.

Lab studies showed, during 12 years of monitoring, that there are absolutely NO negative side effects. The only known side effects are: increased energy and a dramatic decrease of sleep problems, stress and tiredness. In 2006, at the annual meeting of IntellectBreathing in Prague, experts discussing lung and cardiac disease treatments noted one other, rather remarkable “side effect” of using the FRTD.

They discovered that not only was the FRTD effective at treating asthma and hypertension, but in the first month of treatment, more than 82% of patients using the FRTD also noticed a drop in excess weight.

Some of them lost as much as 44 pounds in just two months.

Certainly, these findings deserved further study.

A second team of scientists from the U. S., Europe and the Russian Federation began to conduct even more research, discovering that the delivery of extra oxygen burned through fat through a process called oxidation. They discovered that it takes about 16 pounds of oxygen to burn two pounds of excess weight. So with the FRTD, people’s blood streams were filled with about 24 percent oxygen which couldn’t help but increase the oxidation (or burning) of fat. They also discovered that with the delivery of extra oxygen also reduced food cravings.

Their research led to a modification of the original FRTD which resulted in the invention of Breathslim®, a safe, effective, healthy way to lose weight.
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Breathslim Revolutionary Breathing Weight Loss Device
Breathslim Revolutionary Breathing Weight Loss Device
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