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Rat Cutlery

RAT ( has been in business since 1997, training military, law enforcement, and civilians in the art of jungle survival. During our survival training ventures, we recognized the need for a better knife for our jungle school. Machete's were too thin and flexible and sheath knives were too small and lacked cutting efficiency. Our problem was solved when we designed the RTAK, a large sheath knife that offered the cutting efficiency of a machete with the hard work features of a sheath knife. We commissioned Newt Livesay of Wicked Knife Co. to build the first models of this knife. To our surprise, the RTAK became very popular and we soon had more orders than Newt had shop time.

In 2002 Randall's Adventure & Training (RAT) licensed Ontario Knife Co to build the RTAK on a 5-year contract term. During that time frame, RAT designed additional knives that were also built by Ontario. RAT also secured government NSN numbers on two of the designs.

After our Ontario contract ended in April, 2007, Randall's Adventure & Training decided to produce a higher quality line of knives outside of the mass production capabilities of Ontario. This decision was also spurred along by customers wanting upgrades to the existing line, that Ontario was not willing to invest in. The new RAT Cutlery line is considered "mid-tech" in the sense of quality and manufacturing procedures. This means you will notice upgrades to sheathing, fit, finish and detail on RAT Cutlery knives. Most important, RAT Cutlery is now in a position to respond quickly to new product development and upgrades to existing lines without the layers of corporate decisions and political correctness often found with large companies. All of our new knife designs will fit the bill of desirable field cutlery when it comes to toughness, comfort, and cutting efficiency.

Throughout our time in the cutlery industry, our philosophy has always been geared towards customer service and having our product perform to the user's expectations. Whether you're a one-time knife buyer or a purchasing manager for a large distributor, we want EVERY customer to have a satisfying experience - all the way from the initial order to the use of our knives. If you experience any problems, we want to know about it. We also appreciate any positive feedback you may have to offer. Feel free to contact us about any issue, negative or positive.

RAT Cutlery knives are not considered "high production" due to the care that is taken during the manufacturing process. After the steel is laser cut to size, the knives are heat treated (**see note at the bottom of this page). The Micarta handle slabs are profiled and radiused on a CNC milling machine, and each set of handles are matched and fitted to a corresponding knife blank. The reason for this is during the laser cutting process there is a certain amount of tolerance, so one knife may be a few thousanths of an inch bigger (or smaller) than the next. By marrying a set of handles to a blank throughout the manufacturing process, the user ends up with a finely fitted knife.

The handles slabs are held in place with three screws fastened with Loctite into a barrel nut. When the handles are assembled, a fiber liner is placed between the Micarta slab and tang of the knife. The partially serrated knives are made by milling each serration individually with a 3/8" end mill. Unlike a lot of serrations, these are designed to easily cut through fabrics, rope and other flexible materials. They are easily sharpened by honing with a flat hone across them in the same manner as you would hone the plain edge. The textured powder coat we use on RAT Cutlery knives is a special powder that has an increased amount of resistance to wear and corrosion, while maintaining a smoother feel than oxide or phosphate coatings.

Gallant, AL 35972

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