HOLO-KROME... It Speaks for Itself - American Made Cap Screws and Fasteners Made in USA

The market for HOLO-KROME American Made fasteners is as great as the need for threaded fastenings to hold metal parts together or adjust them to one another. Wherever screws are called for to perform their basic function of fastening metal parts securely, at the same time permitting ready separation of the parts in the event of repairs, replacements or adjustments, there is a style and size of HOLO-KROME hex-socket screw to do the job more easily, more quickly and more dependably -- at lower cost in the long run.

Hardly an industry can be named that doesn't need HOLO-KROME products. In the tools and machines that make and process the great variety of commodities used in everyday living; in the broad fields of communication, transportation, agriculture, mining and construction. You will find countless places where HOLO-KROME products are on the job, prepared to fulfill their important assignment of holding firmly against every dislodging force.

Since its formation in 1929, HOLO-KROME has been at the forefront of fastener development and innovation. The company was organized around what was a revolutionary idea at the time - the manufacture of socket screws by metal forming or heading rather than machining. Extending our heritage of innovation, we later invented the "Cold-Forged" process in which the metal is pre-warmed to improve its plasticity for forming.

HOLO-KROME's Cold-Forging techniques result in socket screws which are more precise, offer greater strength and afford higher fatigue resistance. Our products are recognized for their uniformity, and for being virtually free of the bursts, minute cracks, tears and fractures sometimes found in other, inferior products.

The HOLO-KROME Quality Story

Quality is frequently defined as conformance to specification, and at HOLO-KROME a great deal of effort is expended in ensuring that the products shipped do, in fact, meet the required specification. From the placing of the raw material order, through the shipping and certification of the finished product, HOLO-KROME procedures and specifications are applied to meet that objective.

The definition of the required specification requires a little discussion. HOLO-KROME's products, like those of any manufacturer, must meet certain criteria. The definition of those criteria can be done several ways. It is common for people to refer to an "Industry Standard," when they are looking for an easy way to define a product. Actually, any manufactured article must, of necessity, have two sets of characteristics: the dimensional, controlling the size and shape, and the mechanical, controlling the base material and the performance of the product. In the fastener industry, there are many organizations which write standards or specifications for this product. In the case of socket head cap screws, for instance, one set of applicable standards would be the ASME/ANSI B18.3, which defines the dimensional characteristics of this product, and ASTM A574, which defines the mechanical properties. Both of these are quite detailed, providing on the one hand, basic size definitions such as diameter, length and thread size, as well as surface finish, concentricity and method of manufacture, and, on the other hand the basic chemistry, heat treatment, hardness, tensile strength and other metallurgical characteristics, as well as the tests necessary to establish they have been done correctly.

HOLO-KROME's specification for raw material has been designed to provide material which will properly make the desired product, without inherent flaws that might be harmful. When the material is received, it is inspected to be sure that it does meet those specifications, and then a Lab Number is assigned, which will provide Holo-code traceability throughout manufacturing, testing, storage and shipment.

From the first set-up on the first machine, calibrated gages and control charts are used to ensure conformance to the prints which have been assigned, and at heat treatment, utilizing atmosphere-controlled furnaces, testing is performed to the further corroborate adherence to specification. In the case of special products, the customer may request other specifications to meet his own particular needs. There are many specifications in existence for the type of product we are discussing, and the selection of these specifications is a matter of agreement between purchaser and seller. In most cases, the "Industry Standard" is used, which is the combination shown above, for socket head cap screws.

The ingredient necessary to provide all of these assurances lies in HOLO-KROME's people, who are trained in the various arts and skills needed to perform the checks and tests required. In addition to these people and their skills is the physical plant and equipment which they use. From indicating thread gages of the latest type, and laser measuring equipment, to automated devices to create metallographic specimens, as well as appropriate testing equipment, the investment has been made to have available whatever is required for assurance that the specifications are being met.

This devotion to quality is a company philosophy, from top management to the last packer on the line. Quality is everybody's job, and every associate in the HOLO-KROME organization is aware of that fact, and very much a part of it. Associate Involvement Groups are used in the plant to help solve problems which are broader in scope than a single machine, and these have proven to be successful in the drive for continuous improvement which is the HOLO-KROME philosophy.