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All Skullduggery products are made in the USA. Source for fossils and skulls Museum Quality Replicas. No lead is used to manufacture any components we include in our products. Make a little leaguer's hand, holding a real baseball! Capture a lasting memory of a child's pitch

Skullduggery products are Projects to do with your kids. Cast and Paint craft kits, hobby kits, and science kits.

The picture above is the Saber Tooth Cat Skull. It is the most dramatic fossil in our collection of extinct skulls. Smilodon californicus has been extinct for about 12,000 years and is a widely recognized symbol of power and beauty. A Saber Tooth Tiger’s strength combined with its two lethal sabers made it a fearsome predator.

Living alongside the American Lion, one can only imagine the fierce competition for food between these two animals. This extinct skull is an exact replica measuring 13" long, 8" wide and 12" high, and includes a solid oak display base for mounting in the attack position. It is available in both the antique and tar pit finishes.

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