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Wednesday Dec 26, 2007

Living Liberty in the New Year

  As the new year approaches, I thought it appropriate to post this picture of our WWI soldiers forming a living Statue of Liberty.  What does this 90 year old picture have to do with the new year?  Just this: let's dedicate one of our prayers for 2008 to the well-being and safety of our soldiers who sacrifice so much to keep us safe and promote liberty and democracy throughout the world.

WWI Camp Dodge - Living Statue of Liberty

"On a stifling July day in 1918, 18,000 officers and soldiers posed as Lady Liberty on the parade [drill] grounds at Camp Dodge." [This area was west of Baker St. and is currently the area around building S34 and to the west.] "According to a July 3, 1986, story in the Fort Dodge Messenger, many men fainted-they were dressed in woolen uniforms-as the temperature neared 105 degrees Farenheit. The photo, taken from the top of a specially constructed tower by a Chicago photography studio, Mole & Thomas, was intended to help promote the sale of war bonds but was never used." (Grover 1987)


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