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Thursday Feb 05, 2009

America the Beautiful

Below please find a link to a Jackie Lawson card which displays all the state flowers and assembles them in a patriotic way.  Enjoy!

State Flowers 

Thursday Nov 15, 2007

Cowboy "Uncovers America on Horseback"

Here's a great story I read on Fox about a rancher who decided he wanted to meet average Americans.  He's been traveling across the country on his horse, meeting Americans and hearing their stories.  Very inspiring.,2933,311038,00.html

Thursday Nov 08, 2007

What's So Special About Your Neck of the Woods?

by Perry.

Here's where we open it up to America.  Tell us about your home town/city/neighborhood.  What makes it special?  What makes you pine for it when you're away from home?  How does it epitomize America for you?  Looking forward to reading your responses!







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