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About Clever Girls

Once upon a time, in a small southern Californian town, there lived two sisters-in-law. Both of the fair maidens had met their Prince Charmings already, and hoped to have fair little maidens of their own. But instead their kingdoms were blessed with little princes, who grew to become charming adult princes. And though the maidens loved their sons dearly, they still secretly wished for a little princess to take care of. And then, one day, the maidens got their wish, in a most unexpected manner.

One of the sisters’ mothers had just had a stroke, and now needed to be looked after. It was with some surprise that the maiden realized, in a strange way, that she now had her wish: she had her very own princess to take care of, only she was 80 instead of 8! The maiden loved her mother and gladly took care of her, doing everything she could to make her happy and feel at home. One of the special things that the maiden would do was curl her mother’s hair so that she could feel beautiful again. The unfortunate part was that, sometimes when curling her mother’s hair, the sister would accidentally burn the tops of her mother’s ears. The sister thought to herself, “This simply won’t do! There has to be a better way!”

So the maiden called her sister-in-law, and together, the two combined their brilliant minds to see if they could solve the problem. First, they searched the kingdom to see if there might be some convenient product which could help the mother by protecting her ears from burns. Alas, their search produced no results, but it was not in vain. The maidens discussed the problem and decided that, if no product yet existed which would help their mother, then they would just have to invent it themselves! So that’s just what they did. Using only the finest materials to be found in the kingdom, the sisters put their cleverness in action and started inventing. And just like that, with cleverness, love, and maybe a touch of magic, GlamEars, GlamMat and Clever Girl Innovations were born! And the maiden was able to curl her mother’s hair and make it beautiful every single day without ever having to worry about burns again.

The End

As in most fairytales, our story began in tragedy and ended with a happily-ever-after. Our princess is doing great living in her castle and the sisters-in-law have proclaimed that, “Ear burns are hereby banned from the kingdom forever!” The maidens also invite all citizens to try their new product, GlamEars, declaring that they are, “A must-have for every fair maiden in the land!” The clever maidens are committed to making fun, useful products which alleviate some of the pain associated with being beautiful. They are also committed to keeping jobs in the USA… the fairest land of all.
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GlamMat - Surface Protector For Counter or Floor American Made
GlamMat - Surface Protector For Counter or Floor American Made
Price: $18.95
Brand: Clever Girls
GlamEars - Protect Your Ears From Styling ToolsAmerican Made
GlamEars - Protect Your Ears From Styling ToolsAmerican Made
Price: $9.95
Brand: Clever Girls

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