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ASP - Protecting Those Who Protect

ASP products are the first choice of most tactically advanced law enforcment agencies.

ASP police batons are one of the most popular pieces of police equipment carried by law enforcement officers. ASP police batons come in many styles and lengths. Not all states allow the public to carry ASP batons so it is important to check your state's law. In addition to police batons, ASP manufactures handcuffs. Baton Defense has been providing ASP defense products since 2002.

ASP police batons are considered non lethal weapons but have the capabilities to be lethal if needed. What makes an ASP police baton different from a traditional police baton? The ASP batons are a collapsible baton that can easily fit on a police duty belt and are low profile creating an improved public image. Once expanded the baton stays locked in placed until it is tapped on a hard surface causing it to break down.

Why should you carry an ASP police baton over a traditional police baton? When an officer has to pull out the ASP baton and expands it, the subject he is dealing with knows the officer is serious. The sight alone of the baton expanding can sometime gain compliance from the uncooperative subject. The ASP batons are also better for the police equipment belt. They do not have any sharp edges which could cause damage to the police uniform or police duty gear belt. The lack of sharp edges also decreases the chance of the subject being cut.

The ASP police batons are available in a variety of lengths and finishes. The batons are available in the following lengths: 16", 21", 26", and 31". The 26" baton is the most common length purchased by law enforcement officers. The batons are available in the following finishes: Black chrome, Federal, Airweight, Electroless, Chrome, and Gold.

ASP handcuffs- Some of the best police handcuffs are the ASP handcuffs. ASP has a long tradition of making some of the best police batons, but now are contending with the best handcuff companies.

ASP chain handcuffs- The ASP chain handcuffs are a traditional police handcuff that has a stainless steel eyelet, stainless steel links, and a ball bearing smooth rotation. There is also a keyhole on both sides of the handcuffs. The chain handcuff is protected by a reinforced collar that comes in different colors.

ASP hinged handcuffs- The ASP hinged handcuffs are a tactical handcuff. They offer a four point stainless steel connection, and rivetless exterior design. In addition to that, uncuffing the suspect is easier due to keyways on both sides of the cuffs. The ASP hinged handcuffs offer an increased control due to the design of them.

ASP rigid handcuffs- The ASP rigid handcuffs are similar to the hinged handcuffs, but are compact, ergonomic, and strong. They lock open providing a palm swell for increased control and radiused edges to reduce injuries.

ASP Tactical / Law Enforcement Flashlights are Mission specific lighting products brilliantly designed and expertly crafted. Flawless in both form and function. Each ASP Flashlight are created to meet a specific need, each flashlight is built to serve a specific function. ASP lighting products present a custom collection for the discriminating professional.

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