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Well, for the young at heart I saw some neat gas powered mini Go-Carts made by Go-Pend in the shopping section of this site which I am looking at buying for my kids (and me).
I'm afraid that answer is yes. Monitored fever can be helpful in "cooking" or killing bacteria in patients.
But the Pharmaceutical Industry carriers allot of weight and billions of dollars are at stake.
Not many yet a few Doctors are given incentives to push sample drugs to boost follow-on sales.
It all has to do with how much attention to details the upper management of any company wants to pay.
Child abuse can be avoided but it may be more profitable for a company to take the negative press heat over profits.
That is a loaded question but I would recommend Brunton's Mirrored sight compass.
It has a transparent base for placing on charts and seeing to the chart and a leveling bubble. Hope that helps.
Typically, Brand Name can bring a level of prestige like owning a set of Mac tools.
But you can find other great lesser know brands like Armstrong tools, S-K, and Klien.
Not the point, problem is we are loosing our manufacturing base. In another 5 to 10 years we may no longer have the skilled machinists or fabricators to construct our capital military acquisitions. Will the US DoD need to be out-sourcing such future manufacturing through Asia ?
absolutely true. unfortunately too many people turn a blind eye to these abuses because a "bargain" is more important to them. in the long run, however, the "bargain" is anything but!

Unless consumers pay attention to where a product is made and not necessarily look for the cheapest cost of a product these abuses with children will continue.
Did you see the new recall on Nov. 9 about 175,000 Curious George Plush Dolls ??? THey're made in guess where.......Yes, China and they have a high level of lead. You would think by now, the government would get involved since this is a high health risk. Instead, nothing is being done and more and more products are being made abroad. Crazy, isn't it???
Is that the best cat you can get.
How important is the brand name of a product? Would you sacrifice quality for name?
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