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I personally like the Brunton Compass with Magnifier and Luminescent color which is carried on this site.
Price is $14.88. Check it out under Outdoors or just type "Compass" into their search block.

Brand name is important to me but the heartache is that many of the products I have grown up with are no longer made in the US such as: Porter Cable Power tools, Thermos Bottles, TV's to name a few.

There is a good selection of pocket knives on this site under the SHOPPING Tab that are practical, are easily carried in ones pocket and have equisit craftmanship.

Not today buy look at the home page of this site for the Consumer Products Recalls for the latest and greatest recall news !

I can't live without my Sunbeam - HOT SHOT. All it does is boil water in 35 seconds nothing else and I've had it for 20 years and will have to go on eBAY to find a replacement when it goes !
I've very disturbed with this explosion of dangerous toys. Thanks USAB2C for providing us with a venue to buy AMERICAN.
Not to worry. The President says that everyone can go back to school and learn a new skill so we can spend 8 hours a day behind a computer monitor vices working in industry.
It does not effect us so why should we care. Keep those low priced Nikes coming.
Your are thinking too much. Greed is to blame. Everyone wants a bargin without giving much thougth about what is happening to their industry jobs !
good points! guess i'll have to make sure i have strong locks on the doors at home and a couple of knives hidden around. as far as out and about, i'm told the best thing to do is stay alert, use the buddy system, park in well lit areas and lock your doors as soon as you get in the car. got a knife in there, too (just in case!)
Unfortunately most Americans have become addicted to going for the lowest price which in the past fair trade practices of overseas countries. However market unbalancing created in the last decade by government subsidized .30 cents per hour markets of China and other Asian countries is devastating the industrial base of developed western countries paying wages designed to allow factory workers to be able to raise a family and purchase home and cars.
As western Democracies see more of their manufacturing capacity exit their respective countries with the inevitable rise in unemployment of abandoned factory workers Americans will need to start considering the addiction of buying the lowest cost foreign product.
Yea, dont forget with the mace if you miss your in deeper trouble
Keeping the food hot on the dinner table is critical for a successful Christmas dinner.
A nice tureen to keep soups hot and trivets to place hot casseroles on works wonders
and enhances a mediocre cooks efforts.
I'm not sure you will have time to find a canister of mace or a taser in your hand bag fast enough.
If however someone is following you and time is available.... then the threat of tasing someone may be an effective deterrent. Taser is the premiere brand and that would be the one I would look for.
Yes, I heard about it and the FDA posted an August alert that some of these products may cause serious adverse health consequences or death:

o - Cold Smoked Salmon in vacuum pack. Recall No. F-574-0.
o - Manufacturer - Josephson's Smokehouse, Astoria Oregon.
o - Distribution - Oregon, Utah.
o - Product contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes
o - Quantity - Estimates that none remain on the market.
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