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Tasers are probably a good way to go in addition to keeping a whistle in one bag.

The US Airforce will be retiring a bunch of their C-135's and buying French Airbuses. We can probably get a good deal on the wet compases taken out of the old C-135's.
The Presidnet, the Senate and the United States Congress is to blame for collapsing under the exchuse that "It a Global Economy" and helping other poorer nations to raise their standaard of living is good for America.
MP3 players are hot as are play station video games. How about you younsters going out for Baseball, basket ball or just good old swimming ?
Not sure how President Bush's economic stimulus package with work if Americans do not discriminate what they are buy with their rebate checks. Considering most products are made over seas, it will be a real chore not to buy products made in china.

Well, Mayor John Mazziotti Palm Bay, Fla., is considering voting on whether to ban the purchase of products made in China. This after the latest spate of Chinese-made toy and pet food recalls.

If it passes, this central Florida town of 107,000 would be the first in the nation to enforce a ban on goods from one particular country, according to industry watchers.

Residents would still be free to purchase whatever goods they want, but the city itself would face restrictions.

Keep your grass roots efforts going !

Brand names are not as important to me as they used to be. now, even designer products are often mass produced in china on the same machines as the cheap stuff so why should i give them my money? the only exception to this is in electronics where i expect a better product from the better know brand names.
Avoid Toys made in China. I do not trust Chinese manufacturers as they do not have the same rigid safet standards that we have in place here.
Yum. Superbowl party, your house!
A good oven / cooking range is a must followed by a refrigerator / freezer.

Too many to mention but sharp carving knives, an accurate oven thermometer, making true and tried receipe when hosting guests (Turkey, Rack of Ribs, Ham).

I prefer keeping my gat on me
Yea I ordered that compass and it works pretty well!
Does anyone know where I can get some stat's on how prevelant these new strains of bacrerial infections are ?
The best self defense is taking Karate classes and it keeps you in shape.
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