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Obviously I am concerned and I thank you from providing an alternative under the Toys section.

No but I did hear about Vioxx by the manufacturer Merck causing Heart attacks.

Take a look under the Shopping tab and then under Law Enforcement. There are some items there.

What would you have us do ? Accept having a fever and just drink chicken soup ?

Forget about compasses and buy a Garmin GPS !

Very important but I suspect some of the brand names are forged !

Gasoline is just too high and I don't have any disposable cash.

I'll need to buy fewer quality American products.
I want cheap prices and will go to the welfare office to pick up my check so I can buy them.

(I just can't find any meaningful work in the States).
YES, and I'm addicted to oil too but don't you dare drill in America !
Historically, a company's name was king and they would never put out a poor product that might tarnish that name.

In recent years, many top executives no longer have technical backgrounds but MBA degrees only interested in the next quarter's profit margin.

I believe this is the single most important reason quality has been sacrificed over short term profits.

Unless we begin to do a better job at home and in our schools explaining to our children why they need to study and get a good education.... they will become the next Sweat-Shop Labor force.
I heard a week ago that there is a new imported desease being brought by poor customs screening. This parasight the attacks the human brain and causes paralasys leading to death.
I've always found that paying extra for quality not only get you a longer wearing product but also a better fitting one too.

Growing up in the 1950’s thru 1980’s I don’t remember ever hearing about contaminated
Burgers, Chop Meat or Beef in general.

Got my answer from a retired Federal Meat Inspector.

Prior to the early 1990’s, Meat Packing Houses had full-time Federal Meat Inspectors assigned on-site during the entire Slaughter evolution including the preparation of the carcasses.

The Government reasoned another excellent way to save money would be to pull out all the full-time Federal Inspector and revert to once in a while spot-checks.

Since 1990’s have you noticed all the million pound recalls of contaminated meat that has been occurring ?
Microwave seem to have become a necesity in today on the go families !

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