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It's August and the unemployment rate is going's the highest in 26 years.......So why isn't the governmenet creating jobs????? People cannot create the jobs it has to start with the government,,,There is nothing but silence....
Did you hear about the store called American Apparel?? Evidently they had illegal aliens working there and the unemployment rate is the highest in 26 years!!!!!! Sweatshops do not help.
Brand names are becoming less and and less important. If a a no name generic brand is just as good and cheaper (and American of course!) that someitmes works for me. I find the foreign made products are sometimes very cheaply made. You get what you pay for!
I think it deends on the item. When it comes to your health and safety, skiming is not the answer. There are times when you do not need to buy the highest priced item since there is no difference such as with milk, and other food products. Some gourmet products are an exception.
Well, I know the Brunton Compass is retty good and it's USA made!
Again, the fault lies with these American companies who do not inspect these facilities. Why?? THey do not care!!!! If they did, they would retain the factories here!!!
It seems to me, that both the Repulican and Democratic governments are more interested in catering to the Mexican/Candian governments a.k.a NAFTA. We have allowed this to happen and of course, our congress is corrupt but I can't blame them entirely. Most Americans are only interested in Monday night footbal and American Idol. This has been happening for years and now........our economy is in a shambles!!
What about the dog food and milk that is now tainted??? It's not just limited to Toys anymore!
The government has to take more action and become more vigiilant. They should stop accomodating the Chinese!
Agoramania Crossroads » Profile for Sally » Messages posted by Sally
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