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I must agree, everyone is looking for a bargain. People just don't care where products are made and they dont care about the economy!
GREAT IDEA, I bought one of the go carts and it is soooooooooo much fun!
Yea but is the transparent base made of something that would brake if it ends up at the bottom of a pack?
Even though you can find other great lesser known brands many people are influenced on the brand of a product, and this is shown when they pay more for the name. This happens everyday.
Its true that its could be more profitable to take the heat form the press then to stop all the child labor but I know that the only way for them to really be hurt by this issue is to boycot their store. I know that I wont be shopping there anythime soon.
And gap is trying to be the good guys by having their "Red" brand...but then this comes out...hahaha
Yes, it is very important to me what brand im wearing
How do you feel about the recent recalls of toys found to have lead in their paint? Will assurances made by the manufacturers that issues have been addressed be effective in keeping you as a consumer? What should be done to protect ensure future safety?
Anyone have an opinion on compasses? Which would you recommend as most durable? accurate?
Would you rather skimp on quality to save money or do you feel that you save more money in the long run by buying quality products with lasting power?
Nooo, I didnt which ones were recalled?
Agoramania Crossroads » Profile for usmcbmw » Messages posted by usmcbmw
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