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For me I try to avoid going out to clubs solo. A friend make the time go better and deters the bad guys for the most part.
I always go for quality. I've had too many Imported products the did not live up to my expectations of just broke. I can't waste time with these shoddy products. Thanks for you site.
You are right.....I just bought an iPod and it is fantastic. Thanks for that recommendation.


What a great Testominal and from Austrilia too ! Sounds like you folks at USAB2C really have your act together.

Regards, John
Very well said Liz.

Best - - John / sends
Now that makes you a Great American. As you probably know,
American Industry has been and is being ravaged by the respective "Governments" of countries (China, India, etc) paying 30 cent an hour wages (Free Global Market ? I think not).

We lost the television industry years ago by the Japanese "Government" subsidizing their TV exports which our domestic "Private" manufactures could therefore not meet (Free Global Market ? I think not).

Lamentably, the majority of American Consumers to this very day value lowest cost over Country Of Origin Liz.
You must have very special Parents to have instilled such fine values in you Liz.
Best John / sends
Happy Easter to all Americans and the USA !
Great insight by Anonymous.
We have become addicted to lowest prices.
No way we can compete with China and other Asian countries wages. I intend to be sentsitive to looking more at where items are made !
I'll need to give it some thought. Microwave or Dishwasher seem tied.

I love the Lady who still has a Maytag washer going since 1989.
(Me thinks she has a handly Husband).
There are three secrets to a great Thanksgiving Dinner:

1. A Mom or Dad who love to cook a great Thanksgiving Stuffed Turkey

2. A recently Sharpened Carving knife.

3. Sharing with Family and/or Friends.
Agoramania Crossroads » Profile for John » Messages posted by John
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