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FDA: Infant formula from China tainted by chemical

Tainted infant formula from China may be on sale at ethnic groceries in this country, even though it is not approved for importation, federal officials warned on Thursday.

Associated Press Writer

Tainted infant formula from China may be on sale at ethnic groceries in this country, even though it is not approved for importation, federal officials warned on Thursday.

However, the Food and Drug Administration stressed that the domestic supply of infant formula is safe.

FDA officials are urging U.S. consumers to avoid all infant formula from China, after several brands sold in that country came under suspicion of being contaminated with melamine, a chemical used in plastics. Officials said there have been reports from China of babies developing kidney stones as a result. There have been no reports of illnesses in the U.S.

"We're concerned that there may be some infant formula that may have gotten into the United States illegally and may be on the ethnic market," said Janice Oliver, deputy director of the FDA's food safety program. "No infant formula from China should be entering the United States, but in the past we have found it on at least one occasion."

After hearing of the latest food safety scandal in China, the FDA checked with formula manufacturers who have approval to market here. But none receive formula or ingredients from China. Formula manufacturers get close scrutiny from the government. They are required to register with the FDA and comply with specific nutritional standards.

"We want to assure the American public there is no threat of contamination to the domestic supply," said Oliver.

But officials are concerned that some Chinese formula may be on sale at Asian groceries, particularly in places like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston that have large numbers of Chinese immigrants. The FDA is working with state officials to spread the word in immigrant communities to remove any Chinese formula from store shelves and to warn consumers not to feed it to their children.

"We want people in those communities, if they are in the habit of buying those Chinese products, not to use them," said FDA spokeswoman Judy Leon. "We are doing this to be proactive."

Melamine is the same chemical involved in a massive pet food recall last year. It is not supposed to be added to any food ingredients, but unscrupulous suppliers in China sometimes mix it in to make foodstuffs appear to be high in protein. Melamine is nitrogen rich, and standard tests for protein in bulk food ingredients measure levels of nitrogen.

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The IPod is hot for me. (maybe a 2008 corvett too)
Nope, Tell me someone who can and I they must be living in a Cave.
Keeping paying attention to the Consumer Protection reports !
Things have quited down with the tainted Chinese glocous in Dog and Cat food but stay vigelent.
Lots of lights and if you must be out at 0330 that have friends with you.

If we stop allowing the Pharmasutical companies to make the big profits then the big break-throughs will dry-up.
Our Political need more than this to find their ways . Do you stock any Moral Compases ?
It us to count but now we need to see it that company has be bought out - Does Budwieser come to mind.
We better do somethng soon. The Ship continues to take on water !
No way. It will cost you later !
Concur ! Thanks for posting.
No argument here.


And their flash memory in cell phones as well as servers.

GOOGLE has intentions of starting to using solid state drives instead of hard disk drives or servers that hold millions of document and image files.

The move to flash memory not only increases reliability but reduces energy requirements for storing and editing large databases !

I love my Sunbeam Hot Shot ! Simple and all it does is boil water in 35 seconds.

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