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need self-defense product advice.  XML
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Joined: 10/28/2007 17:30:21
Messages: 6

I want some input as to self defense products i should carry with me. should i purchase mace or a taser or something else? I dont want it to be bulky. thanks.

I'm not sure you will have time to find a canister of mace or a taser in your hand bag fast enough.
If however someone is following you and time is available.... then the threat of tasing someone may be an effective deterrent. Taser is the premiere brand and that would be the one I would look for.

Yea, dont forget with the mace if you miss your in deeper trouble

good points! guess i'll have to make sure i have strong locks on the doors at home and a couple of knives hidden around. as far as out and about, i'm told the best thing to do is stay alert, use the buddy system, park in well lit areas and lock your doors as soon as you get in the car. got a knife in there, too (just in case!)

The best self defense is taking Karate classes and it keeps you in shape.

I prefer keeping my gat on me

Tasers are probably a good way to go in addition to keeping a whistle in one bag.

Take a look under the Shopping tab and then under Law Enforcement. There are some items there.

Lots of lights and if you must be out at 0330 that have friends with you.


Joined: 10/26/2007 22:57:45
Messages: 18

For me I try to avoid going out to clubs solo. A friend make the time go better and deters the bad guys for the most part.
Agoramania Crossroads » Self Defense
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